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Server Consolidation

Consolidating your IT server environment delivers savings, improves service delivery to your organizations line of business operations, and establishes a foundation for cloud computing.

The benefits of server consolidation include greater computing efficiency, lower power and cooling costs, and the flexibility to migrate workloads between physical servers. Server consolidation increases the effective utilization of server hardware by allowing one physical server to run multiple applications in their own isolated environment.

Benefits for working with E4 Logics

With our knowledge of containers we can work with your IT infrastructure team to create a virtual environment roadmap that will reduce your datacenter footprint, lower your energy cost, decrease your server maintenance cost, and improve application performance.

Server Consolidation Benefits

  • Increased server utilization
  • Server reduction
  • Decreased power utilization
  • Decreased server maintenance cost
  • Consolidated system management
  • Unified system deployment
  • High return on investment
  • High availability
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