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DevOps Enabled Infrastructure

E4Logics DevOps drives continuous improvement practices, enterprise strategies and the motivation to affect positive change to your IT culture in an agile manner. At E4Logics we don't do project management we do Product Management and we take the time to understand your business needs/goals/objectives firsts. This Customer and Product focus allows us to excel in all areas of DevOps pertaining to:

  • Continuous Business planning – Agile Story Telling/Mapping and Risk Management that reflects your industry
  • Collaborative Development – SCRUM, XP, KANBAN, …
  • Continuous Testing – Unit, Integration, User Acceptance Testing (including Security and Performance/Load Testing) applying Shift Left Principals
  • Continuous Release and Deployment – Continuous Delivery along with Tooling and Monitoring to enhance and automate Release Planning
  • Continuous Monitoring – Generating Metrics that drive Quantified Business Decisions and Quality Assurance
  • Continuous Customer Feedback and Optimization – Real-time Data generated using application-based features, Survey's, and social media that are driven by the voice of the Customer for Product improvements
  • Continuous Improvement – Understanding, Analyzing and Measuring using Metrics generated via Monitoring to help improve various DevOps practices and principals

Using E4Logics DevOps Strategic Framework, we can help guide you strategically on your DevOps Roadmap by:

  • Helping you to Drive Business Agility
  • Continuous integration
  • Deployment automation
  • Shift left testing
  • Shift left operations engagement
  • Lean application delivery and KANBAN-based reduced batch size analysis
  • Incremental releases based on a Minimal Viable Product approach

We can help Scale your Enterprise by:

  • Automated application deployment and promotion to virtualized environments
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning with infrastructure as code templates
  • Integrated automated testing in development, test, staging and production virtualized environments
  • Utilization of test virtualization early in your development process environments
  • Orchestration of complex deployments for applications that span platforms (mobile, backend, middleware)
  • Coordination of slow-paced and fast-paced release dependencies using 2 Speed IT – We will help you move from the traditional moe of IT to the more Agile mode of IT
  • A scaled agile process such as SAFe®* or Scrum of Scrums

Driving Innovation

  • Using PaaS Environments
  • Rapid delivery and feedback mechanisms via automation and monitoring
  • Experimentation techniques like A/B testing, Canary testing
  • Using containers such as Docker to simplify and speed deployment
  • Architecting for the Cloud with micro services to allow design evolution

E4Logics can also help you to overcome some of the more common DevOps bottlenecks known today such as:

  • Developers and testers not obtaining environments rapidly and easily
  • Manual deployment of applications and complex scripts to coordinate deployments is very time consuming and error-prone
  • Setting up test data and test harnesses to exercise automated and manual testing is cumbersome and time consuming
  • Coordinating efforts among teams (planning, dev, test, deployment, operations) is difficult
  • Complex application architecture with many dependencies make it difficult to perform frequent releases
Project management does not break tasks down into increments that support agile or iterative development
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