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DevOps Open Cloud Platform

The open cloud platform that helps you innovate faster

DevOps is an approach that promotes closer collaboration between development, lines of business and IT operations. E4 Logics DevOps Open Cloud Platform (E4 CLOUD) brings this approach together. Our continuous integration and continuous delivery open platform allow innovators to quickly create, deploy, and manage new applications for mobile, IoT, and web applications directly in the cloud.

The E4 CLOUD DevOps open platform provides on-the-fly containerization, data injection and service discovery for both brownfield legacy apps (e.g. Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, enterprise Java & .NET apps, etc.) and microservices. Our advanced application modeling and life-cycle management for containerized enterprise applications gives IT departments the ability to provide more value to the organization, consumer and user.

The E4 CLOUD DevOps open platform application composition framework provides core enhancements to Docker containers supporting:

  • Advanced plugins that can be invoked at more than 20 different lifecycle stages to enable service discovery, on-the-fly containerization and application storage automation
  • Data injection to support complex application dependencies
  • Service discovery for re-configuring the load balancers and other application components when a cluster is scaled in/out or when the containers are stopped/started
  • Storage management for applications for automating tasks associated with creating, mounting and taking snapshots of external volumes

E4 Cloud DevOps platform benefits to your organization:

Automated application deployment

Deploy quality apps in hours instead of days with automated application deployment

  • Automate application deployment to reduce errors
  • Quickly release and deploy apps to n+1 servers
  • Cloud agnostic: container-based apps can be migrated seamlessly across any infrastructure, located anywhere
  • Manage complex environments
  • Enforce governance: granular policy control to allow for developer flexibility while enforcing appropriate usage of clouds and container technologies

DevOps for rapid application development

Rapidly develop, test and deploy an application that is scalable, resilient and made for the cloud

  • Continuously deliver apps for rapid innovation
  • Reduce your CapEx: optimize the utilization of your physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Access metrics and customer feedback

Docker Containers

  • Build your app in virtually any language, with any programing tool
  • Deploy and run any app on any infrastructure, more quickly and reliably
  • Simplify system administration with standardized environments for development and production teams
  • On the fly containerization: eliminate the need to change the application code and accelerate the migration of existing apps

DevOps monitoring

Continuously monitor application status and performance by leveraging E4 CLOUD platform monitoring daemon that can detect and automate fixes to application performance issues that impact user experiences through continuous feedback and optimization.

  • Manage the performance, availability and capacity of your apps
  • When an app fails, quickly understand why
  • Data Mining Analysis for Ratings and Reviews to help offset potential problems before they go viral

To learn more about our DevOps Open Cloud Platform capabilities or to setup a demo contact us

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